glories Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of glories

Definition of glories


a luminous ring or halo, especially as depicted around the head of Jesus Christ or a saint.

Your eyes will start shining with joy; your face will have a gleam, a glory .

high renown or honor won by notable achievements.

This group of young lads are to be congratulated on bringing honour and glory to their parishes.

magnificence; great beauty.

We work very hard to restore this magnificent building to its former glory and this is a very obvious setback.

take great pride or pleasure in.

In Johnson's England ambitious politicians had been cloaking themselves in patriotism since the 1730s, and George III himself had begun his reign glorying in the name of Britain.

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Example of glories

  • All we can know is that we are poor lost sinners and Jesus Christ came from glory to save such.

  • Driving north from Fort William, then west from Invergarry, the trip takes you through the glories of Glen Shiel.

  • Gutted architectural glories , their frescoes scraped back to the stone, stable horses.

  • He is certainly not the first celebrity chef to traipse over the border to celebrate the glories of Scottish food.

  • Her compositions were childish compared to the glories of baroque counterpoint.

  • His greatest wish would be that they would carry the torch in the years ahead and lead his club to further honour and glory .

  • Hymns, praising the glories of heaven and the peace of all God's creatures in his halls.

  • If Lottery backing is approved, a five-year project will see the grounds of the Georgian stately home restored to their former glory .

  • It all adds up to a real treasure trove, and a fine summary of the glories of European cinema.

  • It must have been difficult for him to turn his back on the glories of Granada.