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glitte meaning in Bengali

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Definition of glitte


an attractive and exciting but superficial quality.

The physical world has abundant glitter , but emptiness lies beneath its superficial shine.

bright, shimmering, reflected light.

It is dark, apart from the glitter of icons and the lights in front of the iconostasis.

shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.

The small piece of gold glittered brightly in the moonlight, setting off the red ruby it encircled.

tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration.

It was a midnight-blue gown, dusted with sparkly purple glitter .

glitte definition and meaning. What does glitte definination?

Example of glitte

  • ‘Glitz, glitter and glam add an element of fun to ageing and should be something to anticipate with excitement not something to dread,’ said Annie.

  • A head was peering out at him from around the end of one of the rows, long shiny hair, a glitter of eyes reflecting the light on the table.

  • Although the heel is low for comfort, the ivory shoes are decorated with glitter and pearls for beauty.

  • But within all of that smoke, glitter and corporate razzle dazzle, I feel like I'm loosing my edge and creativity.

  • Confused, I blinked open an eye and found one of our lab buddies staring down at me with an amused glitter in his bright blue eyes.

  • Emily pouted, yet I could see the glitter in her eyes.

  • For that alone, it had attracted my attention, but he'd even added some glitter .

  • he avoids the glitter of show business

  • He bit, and there was an outright flash of anger at that: ears flattening and a glitter of teeth in the firelight.

  • He flipped it into the air, watching the flash and glitter of the light on the blade.