Definition of glare


(of the sun or an electric light) shine with a strong or dazzling light.

Dann's voice startles me, the lights glaring on, painfully.

a fierce or angry stare.

Both sides were throwing glares and looks of contempt.

dazzling or showy appearance; tawdry brilliance.

the pomp and glare of rhetoric

stare in an angry or fierce way.

The social worker has even stated at one point that I am an evil woman because I stood with my hands on my hips and glared at him.

strong and dazzling light.

It sees headlight dazzle in its rear view mirror and dims the mirror to avoid glare .

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Example of glare

  • But let's put it to the harsh glare of the public.

  • But the death of George I and the accession of a new king placed him in the full glare of public attention.

  • Capping the atrium is a dome, with a glazed section cut at an angle to admit north light and eliminate glare and solar gain.

  • Change the monitor location or tilt it to eliminate glare from lights or windows.

  • Did the media spotlight glare of attention on being first dominate other aspects of the campaign coverage?

  • Every light inside the ship burst on at full intensity, the bright glare cruelly lighting the snow and lowering skies.

  • Evil grows in dark corners, not out in the full glare of public attention.

  • For those that must be on, switch to a lower wattage or try low-pressure sodium lights that reduce glare .

  • he carried on his life in the full glare of publicity

  • If I so much as took a breath too deeply for her liking, she would glare daggers at me.

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