glamour Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of glamour

Definition of glamour


the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.

This promises to be a night of glamour , glitz and fashion.

glamour definition and meaning. What does glamour definination?

Example of glamour

  • a glamour model

  • Alas, he remained unimpressed by glamour and beauty.

  • ALL too often the glitz and glamour of major building projects overshadow the sweat and toil of the ordinary men and women who worked on them.

  • George had none of his brother's glamour

  • Her earnestness is seductive, as is her casting of the hero as an empowered young woman, untainted by media-driven ideals of glamour and sexuality.

  • However, the show wasn't all glitz and glamour .

  • Hurrell helped established the identity of many actresses and actors and created an iconography of steamy sexuality with dreamy glamour .

  • I am sure the meeting will have all its usual glitz and glamour , as well as plenty of exciting racing, and it could be a big fillip.

  • I did not want to be just the glamour quotient in the show.

  • I think they definitely loved the beauty and the glamour and the clothes and the sets.