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Definition of giggle


a light, silly laugh.

Tristan looks at me with a smile and the laugh becomes a giggle , and soon we are just cracking up in the front seat.

laugh lightly in a nervous, affected, or silly manner.

The girls were giggling nervously and the boys were introducing themselves.

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Example of giggle

  • A pack of girls from the next table went silent and one girl with a bad case of the giggles stepped forward.

  • A titter of giggles issued from everyone as Amy reddened.

  • At this seemingly baseless threat, Henry laughed an insane giggle which rang all throughout the courtyard.

  • Even the hard-core gigglers fell instantly asleep.

  • Every time she giggled, everyone else at the table either giggled or chuckled.

  • Girls giggled at how cute she was and boys just laughed and said she was going to be a pest.

  • His legs flayed about still as he burst out laughing, giggling like a small child.

  • I could hear kids at the top of the hill just up the road from where I was, their laughs and giggles making me want to join them.

  • I miss the innocent giggle and the unfettered laughter that used to be more forthcoming.

  • I sit and watch the others drift carelessly in, laughing and giggling about sordid things.

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