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Definition of gearing


the set or arrangement of gears in a machine.

The left nosewheel actuating cylinder had cracked through, leaking lubricant until the gearing inside created enough friction to move the casing apart.

gearing definition and meaning. What does gearing definination?

Example of gearing

  • Always factor in the gearing , torque-converter stall speed, vehicle weight, and tire diameter.

  • And every racetrack requires a little different gearing, so we have to go through the transmissions and change the gearing .

  • At June 30, the company had cash of about HK $550 million, with a liquidity ratio of 3.4 times and a gearing ratio of 22.8 per cent.

  • At the moment the company owes £30b, giving it a gearing of 100%.

  • But the banks which have done well are those with a gearing towards the fixed income [or bonds] market.

  • Company gearing , the level of borrowing relative to equity, currently stands at a stretched 120 per cent.

  • Following the most recent harvest, an analyst said it may possibly survive at a gearing of 50%.

  • He says cheap borrowing and the regular revenues from rental has helped keep debt gearing well within limits.

  • However, thanks to their gearing (which means that they magnify the gains or losses of the underlying security), warrants are particularly risky little beasts.

  • Intelligent gearing , with sixth proving something of an economy gear, even means the fuel consumption isn't too crippling on a long run.

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