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Definition of futhermore


in addition; besides (used to introduce a fresh consideration in an argument).

The landscape of cities throughout the world, furthermore , varies considerably.

futhermore definition and meaning. What does futhermore definination?

Example of futhermore

  • furthermore, we should refund them

  • And furthermore , Adam has a write-up about similar types of record projects, with pictures.

  • But he knew that the aspect of the castle was the wrong one and that furthermore the road was between the castle and the hotel.

  • Critics often claim, furthermore , that the characters are more like types than real, multidimensional people.

  • Demographic data can furthermore be used to help choose a location to place a new retail store.

  • Every attempt to turn back the time and, furthermore , to restore totalitarian communism is absurd.

  • He was under the impression, furthermore , that England was infinitely wealthy, which was not the case.

  • His work on militarism is furthermore significant because he designed his arguments explicitly to rebut the Marxist line on the subject.

  • I said that the there are costs to democracy; furthermore , they are quite high.

  • I'm neither studious nor detached, and, furthermore , I rather think I am a fool.

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