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Definition of fusion


referring to food or cooking that incorporates elements of diverse cuisines.

We'd like to get a cook who can do vegetarian Thai-Japanese fusion cuisine.

fusion definition and meaning. What does fusion definination?

Example of fusion

  • ‘The fusion of these materials introduces another dimension,’ she said.

  • fusion cuisine

  • a fusion band

  • a fusion reactor

  • Achieving the aim of making fusion a viable energy source will require a sustained long-term research effort.

  • Already a host of top names in the fields of everything from trad jazz to funk and fusion are lined up to perform.

  • From be-bop to jazz/rock fusion , he led the way, either by himself or in consort with a handful of other jazz visionaries.

  • He has since been a trailblazer in the production of flamenco and jazz fusion styles.

  • He has studied and performed jazz from bebop to fusion , played as fluently with hardcore and heavy metal musicians as with soundtrack samples.

  • He is trying to provide the so-called fusion type of cuisine, which would be of interest to Bulgarians and travellers.

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