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furthe meaning in Bengali

"furthe meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for furthe? What does furthe mean? furthe definition and meaning.

Definition of furthe


additional to what already exists or has already taken place, been done, or been accounted for.

at, to, or by a greater distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing or person is or becomes distant from another).

the committee seems to have moved further away from its original aims

beyond or in addition to what has already been done.

we are investigating ways to further increase customer satisfaction

help the progress or development of (something); promote.

Yet both groups claim to be furthering the interests of the child in promoting their preferred form of custody.

more distant in space than something else of the same kind.

furthe definition and meaning. What does furthe definination?

Example of furthe

  • further, ...

  • But the effect of predestination may be furthered by their prayers, and by other good works also.

  • for some time I had wanted to move farther from Lynne

  • He furthered my quest to slowly and deliberately develop my musical and even my personal identity.

  • he hits the ball further than me

  • he walked no further than the station

  • he wants to go further in the company

  • His wicked attempts have proved unsuccessful, and so he has sent you, the instigator and furtherer of this villainy, under pretence of peace to act comme un espion, that is, as a spy upon us.

  • how much further is the hotel?

  • I can't run any further