funks Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of funks

Definition of funks


a coward.

a state of depression.

Many people assume comfort foods are eaten when a person is in a funk , depressed, bored, or lonely.

a strong musty smell of sweat or tobacco.

It's not sweat or the funk from the equipment; it's a strange smell that's hard to describe.

a style of popular dance music of US black origin, based on elements of blues and soul and having a strong rhythm that typically accentuates the first beat in the bar.

Elsewhere, Jon mixes up elements of dub, jazz and ambient music into the requisite funk beats.

avoid (a task or thing) out of fear.

The decision by Labour to funk the presidential election underlines that party's frivolity.

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Example of funks

  • A freak car accident leaves Marie-Josée Croze in an existential funk .

  • a mixture of punk and funk

  • At the sound of his son's name, Andrew snapped out of his funk and slowly swung his other foot to the ground.

  • But if savers and builders are sufficiently scared and sufficiently depressed, even big tax cuts may not be enough to bring them out of their funk .

  • But, as Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council and countless others are allowed sink so low that they cannot even empty the bins, Leinster House funks the fundamental issue.

  • Elsewhere, Jon mixes up elements of dub, jazz and ambient music into the requisite funk beats.

  • Far from implementing smart strategies to fight terror, this administration has only succeeded in scaring the public and pushed the country into an uncharacteristic funk .

  • Gareth shook out of his funk from watching Jude sit down and automatically shook his hand.

  • Given the blather SFO dispenses about ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ solutions to the stodginess of opera, how disappointing is it when an apotheosis, written into the music, is funked by the production team?

  • Green spokesman Dan Boyle said the Government had funked unfair tax reliefs and failed to tackle the Savage 16 welfare cuts.