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Synonyms of full-blown


Definition of full-blown


fully developed.

These people are more likely to develop full-blown depression at some point in their lives.

full-blown definition and meaning. What does full-blown definination?

Example of full-blown

  • full-blown AIDS

  • full-blown recession

  • full-blown rose

  • full-blown tulips

  • full-blown war

  • Aeneas' son Iulus kills a pet stag while hunting, and from that small spark a full-blown war develops.

  • All of a sudden, this little obsession of mine seem to have grown into a full-blown schoolboy crush.

  • But before these problems can flower into full-blown catastrophes something even worse happens.

  • By full time, it bordered on a full-blown travesty of justice.

  • Gardaí and army personnel are in training in Athlone in the event of a full-blown strike at the country's prisons.

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