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Definition of frights


a sudden intense feeling of fear.

The conclusion was she probably died of fright from an attack by the neighbour's cat.


Boswell was easily frighted when talk turned to the supernatural.

frights definition and meaning. What does frights definination?

Example of frights

  • ‘Let's give Gordon the fright of his life ’, he urged them.

  • ‘That's an awful lot of anxious households who have nasty frights for nothing,’ says Hazel Thornton, a research Fellow at Leicester University's Department of Health Sciences.

  • Although she was pale with fright and nauseous from the strain, Ava had to chuckle.

  • Among his paintings are a number in which the hot and cold chills of fevers, their hallucinations and frights , are vividly evoked in what might be thought of as sickbed scenes.

  • Anthony Quinn also got a good jolt or two saying that ‘Once the frights began I was jumping from my seat as if poked in the back by a cattle-prod’.

  • As it stands, the film is just slightly above mundane and should provide audiences with some decent, if bland, frights .

  • Boswell was easily frighted when talk turned to the supernatural.

  • Carla shrieked in fright , jumping sideways before realizing she was being confronted by two, more than likely, perfectly harmless fans.

  • come, be comforted, he shan't fright you

  • He jumped in fright , swerved and nearly crashed the cab.