fright Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of fright

Definition of fright


a sudden intense feeling of fear.

The conclusion was she probably died of fright from an attack by the neighbour's cat.


Boswell was easily frighted when talk turned to the supernatural.

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Example of fright

  • ‘Let's give Gordon the fright of his life ’, he urged them.

  • A terrified dad got the fright of his life when he answered his door to find 10 armed police officers shouting and pointing guns at him.

  • A voice answered from behind her, before a wrinkled hand clamped down on the girl's shoulder, making her jump into the air from a case of sudden fright .

  • Although she was pale with fright and nauseous from the strain, Ava had to chuckle.

  • An owl fluttered its wings and both Heidi and I jumped out of fright .

  • Before she could finish the sentence, Fran let out a sudden cry of fright as she was swept up off her feet.

  • Bridget paled with fright , but looked at her cousin sternly.

  • Carla shrieked in fright , jumping sideways before realizing she was being confronted by two, more than likely, perfectly harmless fans.

  • come, be comforted, he shan't fright you

  • Forgive me if I appear to be laughing it off - nervous laughter is sometimes the only defense we have against panic and fright .