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Synonyms of friendly


Definition of friendly


in a friendly manner.

kind and pleasant.

She seemed very friendly to the airport staff and had a woman with her who looked like she should fall over from being too top heavy with nothing on the bottom to balance her out.

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Example of friendly

  • ‘He told me never to be too big for your boots and always be friendly to everyone,’ she said.

  • ‘It was difficult but enjoyable, and everyone was friendly to me,’ said Negar, who is now studying dentistry in London.

  • A friendly sibling rivalry that drives them to work a little bit harder and compete a little longer can only serve as a benefit to both the sisters and the team.

  • And he'd never been particularly friendly to me, and I didn't blame him.

  • Any piece of the urban landscape is subject to enemy reoccupation if it is left unoccupied or is not cordoned off by friendly forces.

  • Anyone who lives in either Rosses Point or Strandhill knows that there was always a bit of friendly rivalry between the seaside villages down through the years.

  • At least, however, it is pretending to be friendly to business.

  • Does it matter if we smile and are friendly to him?

  • Eddie was held in high esteem by the farming community and his pleasant friendly smile endeared him to all.

  • Emily is not particularly friendly to the perfectly nice woman her father brings to dinner.