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(in the Christian Church) the breaking of the Eucharistic bread.

a numerical quantity that is not a whole number (e.g., 1 / 2 , 0.5).

It looks first at area problems, then looks at rules for the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions .

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Example of fraction

  • Both are produced by refining crude oil, but the kerosene fraction of the oil is a little heavier.

  • Cells were collected 48 hr later, and nuclear and cytoplastic fractions were separated.

  • Fortunately, a salvage unit was available, at a fraction of that amount.

  • he hesitated for a fraction of a second

  • He said hundreds of lives could be saved on the roads every year for a fraction of the amount being spent on rail safety.

  • Her eyes rest on me for a second, and I swear I can see a tiny ghost of a smile for a fraction of a second.

  • her eyes widened a fraction

  • Her goal was $60,000 but she was only able to get a fraction of that amount.

  • However, the true cost is a fraction of this amount.

  • If they did, the insurance company would have been charged a fraction of that amount.