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a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town fit for a large garrison.

The argument against it being Roman in origin is that there are no Roman fortresses or other military structures along its route.

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Example of fortress

  • A paranoid fortress mentality has unfortunately gripped the government policy makers in the most underpopulated country on earth.

  • But already we pay a price, levied not in blood but in freedom, as a fortress mentality seeps into the national culture.

  • City walls, towers, churches, and fortresses strongly connect Estonians to the past.

  • he had proved himself to be a fortress of moral rectitude

  • He never intended for voice mail to become the impenetrable fortress of evil that it has become today.

  • His main objective was to take the towns and fortresses of northern France and make them permanent English garrisons, exploiting the surrounding countryside to make the war pay its own way.

  • In 1665, Nikofor Chernigovsky converted the town into a fortress .

  • In addition to the intricate details on the walls and doors, there were runes of power and magical wards protecting the fortresses from unwanted visitors.

  • In fact, almost every castle, fortress , town or village had some sort of arena.

  • It is not because my husband and I are less willing to give time to good causes, but because our attempts to do so have been blocked by a fortress mentality.