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flying saucer meaning in Bengali

উড়ন্ত পিরিচ
"flying saucer meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for flying saucer? What does flying saucer mean? flying saucer definition and meaning.

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Definition of flying saucer


a disk-shaped flying craft supposedly piloted by aliens; a UFO.

On Tuesday, July 8, 1947, Col. Blanchard announces a flying saucer has been captured near Roswell.

flying saucer definition and meaning. What does flying saucer definination?

Example of flying saucer

  • A flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

  • a theory that friendly aliens in a flying saucer had landed in the village

  • Although UFO buffs may believe the military works on flying saucers there, no aliens are visible.

  • And anyway, we generated some prosaic explanations for the UFO sightings; neither of which involved flying saucers or earth lights.

  • Carr is a hero in the UFO literature, but his stories of flying saucers and alien creatures were all delusions.

  • Ever since so-called flying saucers were first spotted in the 1940s, a variety of people around the world have created fake images that they claimed were authentic.

  • Five years before Roswell, she was seeing close up a flotilla of flying saucers .

  • For decades, speculation about extraterrestrial life has been boosted by tales of flying saucers and encounters with aliens.

  • For some time we have been concerned by the recurring reports on flying saucers .

  • Hank, who was piloting their flying saucer , thought for sure that this unfortunate event marked the end of their mission.

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