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(in critical path analysis) the period of time by which the duration of an activity may be extended without affecting the overall time for the process.

The significance of independent float is that it is associated solely with one activity and not with a chain of two or more activities.

(of a currency) fluctuate freely in value in accordance with supply and demand in the financial markets.

The Chinese are moving closer to their WTO deadline for letting their currency float .

a hand tool with a rectangular blade used for smoothing plaster or concrete.

Push the grout diagonally across the tile with the float tilted at a 45-degree angle.

a platform mounted on a truck and carrying a display in a parade.

While some rode on decorated floats , others paraded in flamboyant costumes.

a soft drink with a scoop of ice cream floating in it.

I have consumed far fewer root beer floats than I would have liked.

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Example of float

  • a carnival float

  • After a couple of minutes the bread was gone, but I'd been engrossed in watching the float so couldn't decide whether the fish ate the bread or it had sunk or washed away.

  • An initially more painful, but eventually more efficient mechanism for dealing with economic shock and inflation is to float a currency if it is pegged.

  • Apparently it takes three days to float down the river to the coast.

  • Campbell says he also likes to get creative with tea, and adds it to ice cream and dessert drinks, like his tea float .

  • Congressional leaders want China to float its currency on the open market to help adjust what they consider artificially low prices for Chinese goods.

  • Contraptions are available that maintain constant water level in the stand, working on the principle of a commode float .

  • For once, the lineout maul was regenerated closer to the posts and O'Gara was able to float his pass towards an overlap near the left touchline.

  • I described the symptoms, and Arv said it could possibly be a blocked exhaust stock or a stuck carburetor float .

  • I got my usual root beer float and peanut butter fudge sundae.

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