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a container filled with food for birds or mammals.

Bird feeders , and those that maintain them, play an invaluable role in the sustenance of countless birds otherwise threatened by dwindling habitat and resources.

a person or animal that eats a particular food or in a particular manner.

The whale shark, the biggest fish on earth, is a plankton feeder and harmless to divers.

a person or thing that supplies something, in particular.

feeder definition and meaning. What does feeder definination?

Example of feeder

  • ‘We didn't have the advantage of coming up through a feeder system like men do,’ Luke remarks.

  • a feeder school for Florida State University

  • a plankton feeder

  • And while proclaiming the best fishing spot is a sure way to start an argument in Minnesota, the river and its feeder streams are hard to beat for native trout.

  • And work has started on a new $250,000 feeder to upgrade electricity supplies to the southern end of the Central business district.

  • Another idea being floated is that domestic competitions would act as feeder leagues in the new set-up, with annual relegation and promotion play-offs.

  • Even when his dad caught a nine-pound brown trout on a small feeder stream, it didn't cause much excitement around town.

  • Having said that, in the United States, with its college feeder system and supporters who are not bound to a team at birth, the system works.

  • He didn't have to worry about checking the feeder 's supply.

  • He said the city administration should continue with plans to develop 15 busway corridors across the city, as well as feeder lines.

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