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Definition of federation


a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.

To be sure, as the history of the European Union shows, there can be federalism without a federation .

federation definition and meaning. What does federation definination?

Example of federation

  • a first step in the federation of Europe

  • Also coming up is a federation cabaret and flower arranging display as well as the federation Christmas party taking place in December.

  • Also, let's not kid ourselves about the roots of Australian nationalism, the fathers of federation and all the rest of it.

  • Although there have been job cuts in the public sector, public sector unions have become proportionately larger within the union federation .

  • And some type of federation , where all tribes, all people are represented, is the best hope that we can have for that country.

  • And, contrary to the claims of the fathers of federation , Australian nationalism was not progressive.

  • But by the time of Australian federation , nationalism had undergone a profound transformation.

  • Equally, the entire North-East must be treated in all strategic respects as a single, unified entity, a federation within a federation .

  • He was party general secretary in 1991, when Croatia claimed independence from the Yugoslav federation .

  • If France and Germany act together, as a federation inside a federation , they can dominate Europe under the new constitution.

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