Definition of feasted


eat and drink sumptuously.

They shared, according to Tacitus, a war orientated Teutonic lifestyle with a veneration for the portentous powers of sage women and a predilection for feasting and drinking to excess.

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Example of feasted

  • Achilles slaughters sheep and they feast and drink.

  • But, whereas the vast majority of youngsters tucked into chips and feasted on cake, fresh fruit and yoghurts were not as popular.

  • For them, festivals are full of hassles, not to mention, the deluge of friends and relatives, who have to be feasted with the appropriate traditional dishes in the appropriate quantities.

  • He walked straight past his expectant friend, dipped his good hand into one of his pockets and sat down, feasting on a large slab of cheese.

  • He was feasted for a year and then cast out of the city.

  • I have bats upstairs who will feast tonight, and that's good.

  • I'm lucky, for I've got an invite to a bash in the Drill Hall where I spend the night dancing, drinking and feasting on mutton soup, pies and sandwiches.

  • In ancient times, before a battle, a general would feast his soldiers with alcohol and meat.

  • In the city they spend their days feasting , gaming, love-making and partaking of beautiful music.

  • In the summer they have parties on each allotment in turn, feasting on barbecues and getting sloshed on homemade wines.

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