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"fearless meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for fearless? What does fearless mean? fearless definition and meaning.

Synonyms of fearless


Definition of fearless


lacking fear.

Let's use the Internet to project our independent, fearless voices to the world.

fearless definition and meaning. What does fearless definination?

Example of fearless

  • Although all are fearless runners, none is instinctive enough to anticipate running lanes.

  • As before, they expressed no worry; it seemed foolish of them to be so fearless .

  • Both men were fearless practitioners of their art - except when it came to one act.

  • But as she stood there fearless and prepared for the worst, she felt something new.

  • But much of the positive change that has taken place in the town can be tied to her fearless resolve.

  • For those who thought the era of tough and fearless investigative journalism was over, take heart!

  • He has decent speed and great strength, but his best attribute is his nose for the ball and fearless style of play.

  • He is a fearless defender and truly puts his body on the line.

  • He is one of the fastest players and most fearless hitters on the team, even at a mere 195 pounds.

  • He typified the fearlessness of all his colleagues.