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Definition of fattest


(of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh.

He was a large, plump man with a fat gut hanging over his belt.

fattest definition and meaning. What does fattest definination?

Example of fattest

  • A fat lot of good that did for our magazine industry.

  • A company making big league profits and paying fat dividends to shareholders should be ashamed of its insulting pay offer to the people who actually do the work.

  • All my children have spent time in excellent examples of both, but I have to say I find nothing concentrates head teachers' minds more than the termly handing over of the fat cheque.

  • And so what if they're getting a big fat pay cheque - the money is commensurate with their sporting talent, not a measure of their morals.

  • And when the great boom began and the country's cities began to develop, there was a rush to profit from the fat contracts on offer.

  • Baked once and stored in tins, fatless , sugarless squares of dough were cooked a second time before being distributed to men about to embark on a sea voyage or land battle.

  • Because the affordable homes remain owned or part-owned by whichever housing association is involved, they cannot be sold on for fat profits.

  • But fat chance that such a rational, liberal and secular proposal would ever get through here.

  • But it is also about three fat rashers of Gloucester Old Spot bacon on thick white bread with ketchup.

  • But transparency is a fat lot of good if the newspapers don't bother to tell the public.

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