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farinaceous definition and meaning. What does farinaceous definination?

Example of farinaceous

  • But slaves were given only 4-6 qt of farinaceous food weekly if their provision grounds proved unproductive.

  • Dropped dumplings are usually made using a protein or farinaceous mixture that is fortified and lightened.

  • The Jamaican may retain his farinaceous banana and the Malay his durian, but for us, it's the apple.

  • The Japanese cook their noodles thoroughly, but these had taken on the white edge farinaceous food gets when left sitting in liquid for a long time.

  • This root, being dug up and roasted in hot ashes, yields a great quantity of a mealy, farinaceous powder interspersed among the fibres; it is of an agreeable flavour, wholesome, and satisfying to the appetite.