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Synonyms of fame


Definition of fame


the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.

In 1682 he achieved a certain fame by solving a problem which had been publicly posed by Ozanam.

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Example of fame

  • A Kingston comedian is dreaming of fame and fortune after winning a national talent competition.

  • But eventually the fame had become too much, and I believe he had turned to drugs to escape.

  • Despite the fame and the globetrotting, the couple's domestic existence is reassuringly familiar.

  • Eaglesmith once was quoted as saying that he lived like a rock star without the fame .

  • Guys who participated in a lot of the first ever matches deserved the fame they got from them.

  • He is reported as having suffered from clinical depression after the trauma of sudden fame and sudden mass public hatred.

  • He seems to be handling the fame rather well considering the people he climbed over.

  • he won fame for himself in the war

  • His brief ten-minute TV appearance so far hasn't brought him instant fame and fortune.

  • How do you motivate yourself at 27 when you have already achieved fame and enough money to last a lifetime?