fairly Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of fairly

Definition of fairly


to quite a high degree.

The trouble is, when I get in a mood like that, I can be quite destructive and fairly unpleasant to be around.

with justice.

Trade doesn't have to exploit the poor; done fairly , it can actually end poverty.

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Example of fairly

  • After all, not wearing any clothes at all is fairly hazardous, especially if the sun is making you a little delirious.

  • Between these two extremes the mountains are fairly barren with only little pockets of fertile soil.

  • Ensuring this money is used fairly to the benefit of all the world's people is therefore a matter of increasing urgency.

  • he could not fairly be accused of wasting police time

  • He quite fairly observed that he hadn't really played backgammon before.

  • He won that position fairly , kept it honourably, and contributed to the British and to the world theatre.

  • I have any number of fairly prurient interests, among them, a penchant for gossip columns.

  • I'm fairly surprised at the technician who presents herself to my office.

  • I've been through a phase of having a fair amount of capital and I was fairly miserable to be honest.

  • I've done some fairly harsh probing on this subject and, to be honest, it turns out to be a really good deal.