fail Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of fail

Definition of fail


a grade that is not high enough to pass an examination or test.

This is something I cannot avoid because German law does not allow me to give a pass or fail grade.

be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.

The efforts failed due to unionist intransigence and nationalist boycott.

break down; cease to work well.

Before Gulbransen could feather the prop it too failed and continued to spin out of control.

neglect to do something.

They promised much in this campaign but in the end failed dismally to deliver.

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Example of fail

  • ‘When the income rate and working conditions fail to meet their expectations, many choose to give up,’ Yan said.

  • A letter or pass / fail grade, depending on district policy, is filed with the school at the appropriate time.

  • Akwaake said it has been noted that many new businesses fail because of the lack of mentoring.

  • Although his health was beginning to fail , he still had that enthusiasm I first felt so many years earlier, and I became inspired by it all over again.

  • Another case against Ivol was abandoned last year after her health began to fail and she died in September last year.

  • As foot and mouth sweeps the land and crops fail because of the disastrous growing season, farmers must be wondering where the next disaster will come from.

  • Firms fail - no one can legislate away investor risk.

  • He worked until earlier this year, when his health began to fail .

  • How many countries do you know that will let a business employing 17,000 people fail ?

  • However, his health began to fail in May of 1932 when he suffered heart problems.