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Definition of eyewash


cleansing solution for a person's eye.

Coptis, which is yellow, is used as an eyewash for the inflammation of the eye lid.

insincere talk; nonsense.

This eyewash is integral to the whole imperial project of the ‘civilising mission’, a kind of experience that lends support to the benevolence of western powers.

eyewash definition and meaning. What does eyewash definination?

Example of eyewash

  • all that stuff about blood being thicker than water was a lot of eyewash

  • Another lineup of tables offers eyewash , footpads, hand creams, aspirins and other health items.

  • Ardent bikers feel that all the action in the two-wheeler market is only an eyewash .

  • Coptis, which is yellow, is used as an eyewash for the inflammation of the eye lid.

  • Ewart points to the inclusion of a fume hood and eyewash station as important to the overall safety factor.

  • He also procured over $1,000 worth of safety equipment for shop personnel (fire extinguishers, face shields, ear plugs, eyewash solution, and other housekeeping items).

  • I want to fill you in on a few of the details so you won't think this is the usual election year eyewash .

  • If ground basil is all that is available in your area, it can be used for all of the above problems EXCEPT as an eyewash !

  • If Stephenson, who writes at enormous length, is considered to be such a hotshot then do we have to admit that the suggested general rule is a load of eyewash ?

  • In the past 18 years, there have been as many commissions, each one of them an eyewash .

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