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Definition of exteriors


the outer surface or structure of something.

To emphasize the sculptural, three-dimensional aspect, he started playing with the surface texture of the exterior and the uneven forms of the cow.

exteriors definition and meaning. What does exteriors definination?

Example of exteriors

  • A long line of cars came into view, chrome exteriors reflecting the surface of the world around them.

  • Although the baroque building, which was built in 1907, was recently refurbished inside, the exterior is repeatedly covered in graffiti and overrun with litter.

  • And I directed the exteriors and street scenes.

  • Arranging for placement on building exteriors or roofs was either impossible or would have added to the implementation time.

  • Brush exterior with surface conditioner and let air dry.

  • But the appliances have for the most part merely changed their exteriors and veneers without huge leaps into creative realms.

  • Coming their way is the advanced lightweight coupé, a two-plus-two car with purposeful and seductive exteriors that take Jaguar design firmly into this new century.

  • Griffith made me realize something else: I was wondering how to film the exteriors , i.e. how to insert the characters into the scenery.

  • He decorates the exterior with an airbrushed design that Kayla creates.

  • I have found that beneath their sometimes hard exteriors , the Czechs are in fact very tender, social and personable folks who care deeply about their friends and family.