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Synonyms of extents


Definition of extents


the area covered by something.

The precise extent of unsown area can only be assessed after the end of this month, he said.

extents definition and meaning. What does extents definination?

Example of extents

  • A measurement of intelligence quotient does not determine the extent of learning difficulties.

  • A potential grey area is the extent to which a State can protect an individual against criminal behaviour.

  • an enclosure ten acres in extent

  • Anecdotal accounts, however, give a picture of the extent of the killing and maiming.

  • Another looks to the extent of the property covered by the security.

  • By all means, send me a city map that covers the full extent of the subway.

  • decision-making was to a large extent outside his control

  • everyone will have to compromise to some extent

  • He was adopted by his uncle and that's about the extent of his personal life that is common knowledge.

  • In Harare and Bulawayo and to a lesser extent in rural areas, there are many training centers.