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Definition of exploration


the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

It is the writers of science fiction who have ventured to show us what the possibilities of space exploration might be like.

exploration definition and meaning. What does exploration definination?

Example of exploration

  • A period of exploration and study about ideas new to organizational life began.

  • an exploration of society and human nature

  • an exploration of the African interior

  • an exploration of the religious dimensions of our lives

  • As a byproduct, space exploration provides us with expensive toys that are not designed for killing each other.

  • As a result the book is more a scrap-book of his personal reflections than a thorough exploration of the concept of community.

  • At the same, this is a film of emotional depth, humour and intelligent exploration of its subject.

  • Demonstrations and exhibits, many of them interactive, will cover aspects on space, space travel and exploration .

  • From Descartes onward, the Enlightenment was also concerned with an exploration of the individual subject.

  • Further exploration should not be limited to examining practices within pharmacy alone.

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