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Definition of explain


make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas.

It explains in detail why he came to Scotland and how the factory was born.

explain definition and meaning. What does explain definination?

Example of explain

  • explain yourselves!

  • Abstractness and generality, however, also allow a wide berth of hedging since any contradictions or challenges can be explained away as exceptions.

  • All the agencies have Chinese signs explaining the concept of the minimum wage law.

  • Also, I find explaining and describing things helps get my thoughts in order.

  • Another reason to explain the popularity of the leather look is its affordability.

  • Call the company, explain the situation and give an estimate of the time you will arrive.

  • Callie found it necessary to explain her blackened eye

  • can you explain the answer?

  • Cassie found it necessary to explain her blackened eye

  • Cole grinned and went on to explain about the different types of magic users that there were.

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