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(in sports) a game whose outcome does not affect a team's standing, typically one played before the start of a regular season.

The team scored three touchdowns in four exhibition games.

a display or demonstration of a particular skill.

The event would see the sport's top stars taking part in demonstration games and trick shot exhibitions on Friday before getting down to the serious business of the finals at the weekend.

a public display of works of art or other items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

Currently, an important museum exhibition exploring these works is traveling across the country.

a scholarship awarded to a student at a school or college, usually after a competitive examination.

Turing sat the scholarship examinations in 1929 and won an exhibition , but not a scholarship.

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Example of exhibition

  • exhibition games

  • a false exhibition of concern for smaller nations

  • a false but convincing exhibition of concern for smaller nations

  • an exhibition of French sculpture

  • An example of Armstrong's entrepreneurial skills was evident when he played an exhibition game in Ceylon.

  • Barton were by now completely demoralised and Malton put on an exhibition of skills which were of the highest order.

  • Brasenose awarded him a senior Hulme exhibition

  • Coach Marty Schottenheimer will make the call during the exhibition season.

  • fields that have been plowed with a supreme exhibition of the farm worker's skills

  • fields which have been ploughed with a supreme exhibition of the farm worker's skills