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Definition of exert


apply or bring to bear (a force, influence, or quality).

The law enforcement forces already on the ground did not manage to exert sufficient influence.

make a physical or mental effort.

The doctor says that she should not be allowed to exert herself mentally and physically and she should not be allowed to witness tragic scenes.

exert definition and meaning. What does exert definination?

Example of exert

  • A magnet can exert a force on a moving charged particle, but it cannot change the particle's kinetic energy.

  • Across the Maritimes, scores of wharves are being left to crumble, as the power of the sea exerts its inexorable force.

  • Art exerts a profound influence on the style of life, the mode, range, and direction of perception.

  • At several points in the novel, she exerts tremendous control over her family.

  • Be more loving towards children as they will exert a positive influence on you.

  • he needs to exert himself to try to find an answer

  • He soon came to exert considerable influence on surgical practice and hospital policy at Harrogate.

  • how much control can he exert over his own life?

  • However, if you're sick or you've been physically exerting yourself , you need sleep.

  • I was glad to be up early, and happy to finish before the sun exerted its full influence on what was set to be a hot day.