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Definition of excrescences


a distinct outgrowth on a human or animal body or on a plant, especially one that is the result of disease or abnormality.

Moreover, from early accounts, it is often difficult to distinguish true large bony outgrowths from scalp excrescences .

excrescences definition and meaning. What does excrescences definination?

Example of excrescences

  • All dendrites bear large numbers of spines, small excrescences on which incoming nerve fibres terminate to form synapses.

  • All the hideous excrescences that have overgrown our modern life, the pomps and conventions and dreary solemnities, dread nothing so much as the flash of laughter which, like lightning, shrivels them up and leaves the bones bare.

  • Another sculpture features dozens of pointed excrescences that jut up from a round base.

  • Appears as a cystic excrescence projecting away from the metaphysis that has its axis pointing away from the joint.

  • Are those secret-admirer e-mails real - or just the latest excrescence of an Internet marketing machine grown unfathomably sleazy?

  • Concurrent with these changes is the formation of marginal osteophytes that are excrescences of bone arising at the margins of the joint.

  • Further examination revealed a brownish-yellow excrescence made up of dense hyperkeratotic tissue with longitudinal ridges on an erythematous base.

  • Going further, fiction that celebrates darkness and destruction without the redemption of new insight is at best a useless excrescence and at worst a kind of dangerous pollution.

  • I have yet to meet a single one who isn't sickened to his stomach by the excrescence of his pardons, and by the puerile vandalism of the White House in the last hours of the old regime.

  • Irregularities have to be handled as natural aspects of a language, not as excrescences which needlessly complicate the grammar.