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Definition of exclusions


the process or state of excluding or being excluded.

Unable to see the areas themselves, all you have to go on is the circles of exclusion , the difficulties in movement.

exclusions definition and meaning. What does exclusions definination?

Example of exclusions

  • Among the exclusions from cover listed in the Special Conditions is non-accidental pollution.

  • Both sides of this issue reflect the social and geographical exclusion of black people in a discriminatory society.

  • Caste was not the basis for any exclusion of participation in the political process.

  • Could you just indicate to us the type of industrial relation issues which the agreement covers and what, if any, are the exclusions ?

  • drug users are subject to exclusion from the military

  • Fascism breeds in poverty and exclusion ; it exits democracy and takes up violence when it sees no other option.

  • Finally the parties made no submissions either orally or in writing about the business exclusion .

  • For example, the paragraph covering exclusions from patentability has not been changed.

  • For reasons already given, exclusions and disclaimers will pass muster under the statutory law on unfair contract terms.

  • Geeks and freaks become what they are negatively, through their exclusion by others.

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