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Definition of evade


escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery.

Not only is she forced to take on new lives as she evades capture, all of her political convictions are tested when the Berlin Wall falls and the Stasi are suddenly working with West German police.

evade definition and meaning. What does evade definination?

Example of evade

  • Already, €38.7 million has been recovered from Irish residents who used the Ansbacher deposits to evade tax.

  • Farmers are more likely to evade tax than any other group.

  • friends helped him to evade capture for a time

  • Furthermore, clever legislators can readily evade a constitutional rule that depends on finding evidence of an illicit purpose.

  • he never sought to evade responsibility for his actions

  • He was sure sleep would evade him, with his mind still spinning fruitlessly on its search for information that wasn't there.

  • However, rebels didn't launch any of their own flyers; opting instead, to try and evade the ships and make their escape.

  • I am not trying to evade your Honour's questions, but again this case, as it has progressed through, is crystallised.

  • I would evade that question because the reputations are still being made, and the last major generation is passing into retirement.

  • If implemented, Straw's curfew will allow adults to evade taking responsibility for the welfare of future generations.

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