enunciate Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of enunciate

Definition of enunciate


say or pronounce clearly.

‘They gave them to me because,’ and she enunciated the next bit clearly, ‘I am fabulous!’

enunciate definition and meaning. What does enunciate definination?

Example of enunciate

  • ‘I was hoping not to have to enunciate principles,’ Costello replies.

  • ‘I'm gonna ask this one more time,’ he says, enunciating every word clearly and forcefully, adding just enough edge to intimidate.

  • ‘We ask for time extenders,’ a heavily accented voice said slowly over the comms, as if the speaker was enunciating each word carefully.

  • Also, she speaks rather more slowly, enunciating her words very clearly as if I am finding them difficult to understand.

  • Although no new principles were enunciated by the Court, the full impact of its radical jurisprudence only really came home to many British parliamentarians with this case.

  • From the outset of our conference I want to enunciate those first principles.

  • He enunciated each word carefully, like I was hard of hearing.

  • He enunciated each word slowly, his nose practically touching the tip of mine.

  • He stares at the camera, neither smiling nor frowning, a flaccid ageing man who, like the worst of the abuses of enunciative function, fails to speak - either confessionally or as insane - its own evil.

  • He was verbally inarticulate and could not enunciate a clear concept or formulate ideas.