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Definition of elongations


the lengthening of something.

We have shown that our experimental setup permits facile measurements of the angle between two tethers and of the force exerted by one tether during the process of tube elongation until coalescence.

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Example of elongations

  • Actone offers excellent flexibility, kink resistance, and torqueability as well as good pushability, a higher break load, and lower elongation .

  • All structural metals have approximately the same ductility as measured by percentage elongation .

  • Also ductility, as measured by percentage elongation , decreases.

  • As-cast tensile strengths as high as 800 MPa and elongations of 15 to 20% can be obtained readily in sand castings, and slightly higher values in centrifugal castings.

  • Dr Ewen believed he had established that something in the GM potato had caused elongation of a section of the stomach.

  • Fine-grained Ti - 6% Al - 4% V sheet can be superplastically formed, giving very high elongations , tight radii and negligible springback.

  • Furthermore, any resonance with the Earth is illusory in that Mercury is not well placed for observations except during its brief greatest elongations near its aphelion.

  • Generally, with the elongation of the sidechain, the conformation change is significant and accompanied interaction variation is remarkable.

  • However, austenitic steels possess very good ductility with elongations of about 50% in tensile tests.

  • In paralyzable detectors, a photon reaching the detector during the dead-time leads to an elongation of the dead-time period.