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Synonyms of elongation


Definition of elongation


the lengthening of something.

We have shown that our experimental setup permits facile measurements of the angle between two tethers and of the force exerted by one tether during the process of tube elongation until coalescence.

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Example of elongation

  • Actone offers excellent flexibility, kink resistance, and torqueability as well as good pushability, a higher break load, and lower elongation .

  • All structural metals have approximately the same ductility as measured by percentage elongation .

  • Also ductility, as measured by percentage elongation , decreases.

  • an elongation of the crater in the impact direction

  • Another metabolite-specific effect seen in this work was hypocotyl thickening and elongation .

  • Both the computational and analytical models make mechanistic assumptions and do not explicitly deal with processes such as translational elongation .

  • By one treatment, the tensile strength and elongation may be substantially raised.

  • Dr Ewen believed he had established that something in the GM potato had caused elongation of a section of the stomach.

  • In paralyzable detectors, a photon reaching the detector during the dead-time leads to an elongation of the dead-time period.

  • In this case, however, shell inflation and posterior elongation of the aperture should be linked with each other, or the pattern of the aperture map must change considerably during ontogeny.