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an electric train or other vehicle.

Though an electric could be as beautiful as an acoustic, Pixie intended to play the less beautiful songs today.

having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement.

The atmosphere has been electric and obviously everyone is excited.

of, worked by, charged with, or producing electricity.

These charges include electric traction current and station-leasing charges.

electric definition and meaning. What does electric definination?

Example of electric

  • A first naive picture of an electron - this is not an accurate picture but it's a start - is as a tiny ball with electric charge - which is what flows when a current flows in a wire.

  • A standard electric bass guitar covers over three octaves.

  • As in Donald Judd's work, Batchelor's electric color and synthetic surfaces are too abstracted to actually refer to a particular source.

  • By now the atmosphere was electric and the screams of excitement from the fans almost deafening.

  • Closest to the camera, one young man turns toward another with an electric sense of movement, seemingly oblivious to Lawton's presence.

  • His hand slowly got closer to her arm, she could feel the electric of his touch.

  • His hands found my throat and his thumbs stroked it in smooth, tantalizing lines that sent electric thrills through my body.

  • I used an electric for years since I always had problems with blades especially on my neck.

  • In fact, each ‘window’ is an array of photovoltaic cells that generate electric current when exposed to the light.

  • In this process, acupuncture needles are placed at selected points and then pulsed with an electric current to stimulate the acupuncture points.

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