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dynasty meaning in Bengali

"dynasty meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for dynasty? What does dynasty mean? dynasty definition and meaning.

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a line of hereditary rulers of a country.

The massive monumental structures were intricately carved and decorated with scenes showing how the hereditary dynasties of the kings united with the gods.

dynasty definition and meaning. What does dynasty definination?

Example of dynasty

  • As a young prince of the Renaissance, François became caught up in the struggle between the Habsburg and Valois dynasties of Europe.

  • As the third in line in the McCain dynasty , he is the man as far as the US Navy is concerned.

  • At the same time, the Bush women are a critical factor in the rise and success of the dynasty .

  • Doreen has been Haworth's lollipop lady for 11 years and she is steadily building up a family dynasty in the job.

  • Founder of the Merovingian dynasty was Merovaeus, said to be descended from the union of a sea creature and a French queen.

  • He even went on to say that disciplinary personnel actions derive from a dynastic way of thinking that ignores scientific causal relations.

  • How many rulers in the Herod dynasty are identified in Bible History?

  • In 1740 war came again as the result of another succession crisis when the male line of the Habsburg dynasty came to an end.

  • In content, Soucek concentrates on the political narrative of conquests, rulers, and dynasties , along with brief profiles of a few literary and religious figures.

  • Indonesia's election campaign is in many ways a battle between two dynasties which have dominated politics since the country's birth almost 60 years ago.