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Synonyms of dubious


Definition of dubious


hesitating or doubting.

‘I am very dubious about this sort of thing,’ added Dr Fitzpatrick.

not to be relied upon; suspect.

Red-hot rage may seem in order when the country's values have been trampled upon by a government with a dubious claim to legitimacy.

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Example of dubious

  • ‘People who might be dubious about standing somewhere waiting for a bus may be more encouraged to do so if they know exactly when the bus is due,’ he said.

  • 2004 will finish with a hat trick of games against the teams enjoying the dubious distinction of being below us in the league.

  • An increasingly isolated figure, he has come to rely on authorities whose expertise in the relevant disciplines is dubious .

  • Another Horsforth man claimed the dubious distinction of becoming the first English serviceman to be captured by the Germans - just one day after war broke out.

  • As I elucidated in the last section, misleading assumptions and dubious claims about western alienation abound.

  • Before the war, the submarine was regarded as a morally dubious weapon, subject to international agreements.

  • But the public interest would not be served by people of dubious motives giving false information by doctoring the official record.

  • Even those which are imaginative and intelligently put together are often morally dubious .

  • For these reasons, reflective foil on board insulation is of dubious value.

  • He is similarly dubious about the suggestion that the protests were incited by older activists.

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