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Definition of drowses


be half asleep; doze intermittently.

The very first inning in the field, while I was safely drowsing in left field, fending off the midges, a long drive sailed over my head, heading for the outfield fence.

drowses definition and meaning. What does drowses definination?

Example of drowses

  • A heavy or starchy lunch can also cause you to drowse in the afternoon.

  • And would you learn the spells that drowse my soul?

  • Bemused, she observed that even the horses drowsed quite steadily.

  • Despite what interest it might have spiked in me in the first place, it has now subdued to a simple regular lulling sound drowsing my mind.

  • Fred gazed slowly at the greying wood buildings, the three or four patient horses drowsing at racks amid clouds of flies, the wagon outside a building labeled ‘Mercantile’ loaded with sacks of flour and sugar.

  • He stood drowsing on one side of the fire, and she slept on the other.

  • he was beginning to drowse in his chair

  • He was sitting in a low chair, shoes off and feet buried in the cool sand with his eyes half closed as he drowsed in the sun.

  • I checked to make sure the others still drowsed , and would have found myself relieved had Tristin not been missing.

  • I fumbled around for soap, found it, and began washing my arms, eyes half closed as I drowsed in the warmth.