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(of a ship) tie up at a dock, especially in order to load or unload passengers or cargo.

The ferry docked at Portsmouth on Monday evening at around 9pm.

a coarse weed of temperate regions, with inconspicuous greenish or reddish flowers. The leaves are popularly used to relieve nettle stings.

Pesticides, similarly, were unknown: docks , nettles and thistles were scythed away by hand just as they came into seed.

a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored.

A tiny, ancient dock bobs in the water, though there are no boats moored to it.

deduct (something, especially an amount of money).

His sporting empire collapsed and Chesterfield were docked nine league points for financial irregularities.

the enclosure in a criminal court where a defendant is placed.

The 10-inch-long knife was found taped to the dock in number 17 court, which is used for remand prisoners brought up from cells in the basement.

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Example of dock

  • dock workers

  • A man who attacked a prison officer while in a court dock has been jailed for three months.

  • After that both radar systems broke down which meant that we knew for certain the commander would have to dock with the Space Station manually.

  • Allies of convenience that are well known to be guilty of egregious acts are now hauled into the dock as war criminals as soon as we have the chance.

  • Another image on her studio workbench was of a very young man with his eyes downcast, sitting in a dock next to a court officer.

  • As the convoy arrived at the dock , the lorry doors opened and the exhausted, terrified lambs poured out, trying desperately to stay upright and avoid trampling each other.

  • Evline said this as she watched the boat come into dock .

  • Feeling a bit more relaxed, the two left the dock area and headed out the door.

  • He made his way to the city and found his way to the dock area.

  • If they won't do their Constitutional duty, shouldn't we dock their pay?

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