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Definition of disunity


disagreement and conflict within a group.

With the right wing of the government showing definite signs of weakness and disunity , the next confrontation is already in the cards.

disunity definition and meaning. What does disunity definination?

Example of disunity

  • But it's so easy to explain a conflict or to bring about disunity and to create problems by using the racial tag, by waving the racial flag.

  • Europe cannot live in freedom as long as there is disunity and conflict in its neighbourhood, the German chancellor insisted.

  • He remains mystified as to why Fifa would risk disunity by producing such a controversial document.

  • Hence the inevitable result of nationalist unity movements was increased disunity and conflict.

  • In its wake indiscipline raises its ugly head and disunity among the players in the team.

  • It has been the outbreak of disunity and many clashes.

  • It has created disunity and division between people.

  • Let's ask whether we have caused disunity in any way within our families or among the whole family of God.

  • Not only is there a civil-military split, there is disunity within the military as well.

  • Please allow me a small space in your newspaper to tell it like it is concerning the so called disunity within the Swapo party.

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