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Definition of disquisition


a long or elaborate essay or discussion on a particular subject.

Though this seems on its face to be a disquisition on religion and faith, it is of course an argument about power, and its influence on truth.

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Example of disquisition

  • All of them could have offered convenient launching pads for wise disquisitions infused with the wisdom of hindsight.

  • An oblique allegory of violence, this painting is also a disquisition on how history impinges on the present, or fails to.

  • And it is easy to find lengthy disquisitions from Macaulay, Churchill, Smuts, and the like to this effect.

  • Burke had an unrivalled gift for portraying the wider significance of the issues of the day in terms of general principles, and as a result many of his speeches contain disquisitions on political philosophy.

  • Enthusiastically, I launched into a disquisition on how useful they were for marking out trails when hiking… until I realised that I was getting a very funny look.

  • He has produced a book chock-full of affecting vignettes, and that rarest of treats - an informed disquisition about public policy wrapped up in a fascinating narrative.

  • I rarely get the impression of passion and fairness I get with Prager, or disquisitional tenacity I hear in Medved.

  • I'm thinking especially of the photographs that accompany Austerlitz's architectural disquisitions .

  • In response, I will occasionally launch into a disquisition about Kuhn and Lakatos, but more often I give the following answer.

  • Moffat Johnston is the garrulous father, eagerly philosophic and disquisitional .