display Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of display

Definition of display


a performance, show, or event intended for public entertainment.

On the exhibition front, the event's organiser Jayne Davies brought together the Evidence display , staged in the Malt Room.

an electronic device for the visual presentation of data.

Unlike other systems, the device is not an overlay on the plasma display causing image degradation.

make a prominent exhibition of (something) in a place where it can be easily seen.

His collections are prominently displayed at the Lalit Kala Akademi and at the National Gallery of Modern Art.

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Example of display

  • a display case

  • a display of fireworks

  • a 17-inch color display

  • a flagrant display of wealth

  • A vast selection, only about five per cent of the collection is ever on display .

  • a visual display screen

  • Alex sat up and reached for one of the display units on the table.

  • an aerobatic display team

  • An easy to read backlit LCD display shows folder, recording time and battery power remaining.

  • And it will provide a clear display of international support for the mission that is ongoing here in the country.

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