Definition of discuss


talk about (something) with another person or group of people.

There is no point in discussing the plot, because I still haven't figured it out.

discuss definition and meaning. What does discuss definination?

Example of discuss

  • And I thought we were going to sit calmly discussing strategy for the evening ahead.

  • As I was leaving the store this evening he was discussing a matter of concern with one of our fine local young people.

  • Back in Britain another bunch of women are filmed discussing their parts with remarkable candour.

  • Each person is responsible for presenting two papers; one as the technical discusser and one as the context discusser.

  • For issues to be discussed in the form of poetry is not to romanticise them.

  • Here again, I do not have the space to discuss in detail the fairness of each of these policies.

  • However, he felt the issue should first be discussed with the city's retail sector.

  • I am not convinced and that is why I have asked for this topic to be discussed at the town council.

  • I don't want to discuss it

  • I have given a few samples of Heidegger word-torrents, but for the most part I have extracted the more or less discussable conclusions.

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