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Definition of discover


divulge (a secret).

In time the best of Schoenberg will, of course, survive and time will discover the proper values.

find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.

They discovered a suspicious substance when they opened the package, which was part of the postal delivery on Thursday.

discover definition and meaning. What does discover definination?

Example of discover

  • "Time will discover the hand that baptizes him," the old man said.

  • Away from football, for the first time in 20 years, he wanted to discover new activities, like literature and the theatre.

  • But although he has found the technology to come up with the tunes, he has struggled to discover vocalists to deliver the goods.

  • But Manchester's own Olympic sprint gold medallist today launched a campaign to discover a potential successor to his crown as Britain's top sprinter.

  • he went to India to discover himself

  • He will speak on reaching peak performance and enabling one to discover one's inner potential.

  • However, follow-up searches failed to discover the murder weapon, which is believed to have been a double-barrel shotgun.

  • I am worried that it would be a traumatic experience for her son to discover these facts as an adult.

  • I did actually discover an interesting fact about beaches.

  • Ideally, education provides one with the ability to determine and discover facts about the real world.

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